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About Norland Int’l. Inc.

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Norland Int’l. Inc. is a leading producer of state-of-the-art equipment for the bottled water industry. Based in Lincoln, Nebraska USA, Norland specializes in designing and manufacturing a full range of bottled water equipment for the small to mid-sized bottling operations. The company’s equipment is being used profitably across the USA and around the world.

When Norland was founded in 1993, virtually all bottled water equipment was designed for large companies in major metropolitan areas. Norland has changed all that. No longer do smaller bottling companies in smaller communities have to compromise on equipment quality and efficiency. We have the right equipment for your operation, and for your specific requirements.

Norland offers a full line of complete bottling systems for small bottles (16.9 oz/ 500 ml) and large-bottle (5-gallon/19 L) production, as well as commercial water distillers, blow molders for PET bottles, pretreatment and ozone generating systems, cappers, labelers, case packers and shrink-wrapping equipment--everything you need for an efficient, profitable bottled water business.

We are committed to a three-point business philosophy that drives our company: Innovation in product development and customer service; Dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer support; and complete customer satisfaction, which results from our innovative product development and our dedication to help you succeed in the bottled water business.

Norland Aerial View
Aerial view of the Norland headquarters and plant in
Lincoln, Nebraska USA.



Norland Int’l. Inc. is a leading producer of state-of-the-art equipment for the bottled water industry
Norland headquarters and plant in
Lincoln, Nebraska USA.

Mike and Bruce - Norland
(From left) Bruce Kucera, Vice President,
Mike McFarland, Co-founder and President.

 Contact Information:

Address: Norland Int’l. Inc.
2001 SW 6th Street
Lincoln, NE 68522
Phone: (402) 441-3737
FAX: (402) 441-3735

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