Norland offers bottlers many equipment configurations to meet the needs for profitable large-bottle production with fully-automatic and semi-automatic options. 

TritonLine™ This is the first fully automatic system able to process multiple-sized bottles and styles at the same time without hand-sorting or adjustments. Norland’s TritonLine™ automatically washes, fills and caps 3 to 5 gallon (11liter-19 liter) bottles.

The TritonLine™ is the most trusted large bottle processing equipment on the planet and leads the industry for efficiency, ease of operation, and profitability.

To help you in the selection process, please see the options detailed below:

Triton450™ Washes, fills and caps up to 450 BPH(11L-19L)    

Triton160™ Washes, fills and caps up to 160 BPH (11L-19L)    

Triton60™ Washes, fills and caps up to 60 BPH  (11L-19L)    

Two models offer 600 or 900 BPH (11L-19L)   


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