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  Liberty 150 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler.

Liberty 150 Unscrambler

The Liberty 150 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler from Norland International is the perfect labor-saving component to meet the demands of high-speed small bottling lines in a wide range of industries. No longer are employees required to manually sort bottles and stand them upright on a conveyor or feed table – an otherwise tedious and time consuming task.

The Liberty 150’s heavy-duty design and durable construction requires minimal maintenance, thus assuring many years of dependable operation. Changeovers from one size bottle to another are as easy as pushing a single button on the control panel.

bullet Liberty 150 Bottle Unscrambler brochure (PDF 7MB)

Liberty 150 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Benefits

  • High Speed and Fully Automated
  • Increases efficiency and productivity for production lines
  • Saves money through efficient use of personnel
  • Requires Minimal operator training
  • Designed to accommodate various bottle shapes and sizes
  • Fast changeovers reduce downtime and maximize uptime
  • Built to be reliable, trouble-free and dependable for years of operation
  • USA made - easy access to spare parts and service assistance


Liberty 150 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

The Liberty 150’s Automatic Adjusting Feature provides the versatility of running eight ounce (350ml) up to 5-liter size PET and other plastic bottles. An easy-to-use touch screen machine.


The Liberty 150’s Bottle Orienter is specifically designed at the stand-up point for precise and consistent delivery.

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