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 Opportunities - Profit  from the global demand for bottled water.


Profit from the global demand for bottled water.

Billions of consumers from every corner of the earth have a thirst for bottled water. The amount of water in the world is limited. Although water covers about two-thirds of the Earth’s surface, most is too salty to drink. In fact, less than .08% of the water on our planet is available to humans. Today, a shortage of drinkable water is a serious concern and over the next two decades water use is expected to grow by about 40% !

Health concerns are driving bottled water consumption higher. Bottled water has become the leading beverage of choice for consumers who are avoiding carbonation, sugar, alcohol and caffeine in their beverages. Many people are afraid of drinking tap water because there is certain risk of exposure to disease or of consuming a toxic substance.

bullet Download the Norland Bottled Water Opportunities Brochure for more information (7 MB)

Norland Bottled Water Opportunities Brochure (7 MB)

Norland Bottled Water Opportunities

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