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Norland International - Pre-Owned Equipment for SALE!

  1. 125,000 GPD High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System


125,000 GPD High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System

Norland has for sale a NEW, unused, 125,000 GPD High Capacity Reverse Osmosis System that was ordered by a customer but was never shipped. This unit is in perfect condition and is ready for immediate shipment.

Priced for URGENT sale at $89,450.00 USD

The unit includes the following high quality components:
Designed to produce purified water with low dissolved solids from tap or well. These
systems use high efficiency reverse osmosis TFC membranes. Product water can be
used in applications such as semiconductors, boiler feed, pharmaceutical, municipal, water reuse, food processing, bottling, and a wide variety of other applications.
This 115,000 GPD system uses 8” Diameter x 40” long membrane elements. Pressure
vessels contain multiple elements and are mounted in a horizontal position.

Key Features:
• Over 25 years of experience is reflected in our quality
• Heavy duty powder coated frame
• SS High pressure components, SS Pump
• Microprocessor Controlled Operation
• Conservatively engineered for reliable long term performance
• Factory tested to ensure trouble-free operation

Standard Equipment Features Include:
• Cleaning Ports (2)
• Permeate Flow meter – Auxiliary Output enable/disable
• Thin Film Composite Membranes
• FRP Pressure Vessels
• Motor Actuated Feed Valve
• Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pump
• Big Blue Filters -
• SS Housing for Others
• Low Pressure Shut-Off Switch
• Auto Feed Shut-Off
• Stainless Steel Flow Control
• Feed Pressure Gauges (2)
• System Pressure Gauges (2)
• Powder Coated Frame
• Concentrate Flow meter – System Power
• Permeate TDS Display
• Five Indicator Lights:
• ROC 150D Microprocessor/Controller – On/Off
• Automatically Controls: – Backwash
• Motorized Actuated Feed Valve – Tank Full
• Delayed High Pressure Pump Start-Up – LP Fault
• Automatic Shut-Down at Tank Full – HP Fault
• Low or High Pressure Fault Shut-Down - Hour Meter
• Pre-Treatment Lock-Out
• Feed Water Flush at Shut-Down





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2001 SW 6th Street
Lincoln, NE 68522
Phone: (402) 441-3737
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