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CasePak™ 5000/ShrinkPak™ 5000 Packaging System.

Norland’s CasePak™ 5000 and ShrinkPak™ 5000 packaging system provides a combination of speed, efficiency and cost effectiveness that will boost your bottom line. If you’re still hand packing, you may see ROI in less than 18 months with this high-quality, economical combination.

The system handles bottled water products, as well as any liquid food products packaged in 8-oz (240 ml) to 1-gal. (3.8 L) plastic bottles, at up to 240 cartons or trays of up to 24 units each in an hour.

The CasePak™/ShrinkPak™ Packaging System works so efficiently for one simple reason: Norland designed them to work together seamlessly.

The two units are available separately, as well. For information about each individual component, see below.

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bullet Small Bottle Packaging System (230 kb)


CasePak 5000 ShrinkPak 5000 Packaging System.

CasePak™ 5000

Norland’s new CasePak 5000 is a pneumatically operated automatic system for boxing virtually any food products packaged in 8-oz (240 ml) to 1-gal. (3.8 L) plastic bottles.

The CasePak™ 5000’s clean, simple design allows easy setups, adjustments and maintenance, and is priced much lower than competing units. Very few change parts are required, and replacement parts are available at most local wholesale hardware suppliers.

PLC-controlled for efficiency and reliability, the versatile CasePak 5000 is compatible with a wide range of conveyors. The unit automatically accumulates, counts and packs bottles into pre-set configurations of
6 x 4, 2 x 3, 2 x 2, and 1 x 3 boxes or trays. An optional automatic lift conveyor can also raise or lower filled boxes to level of shrink-wrappers and case-tapers being used in the packing line. The system will pack up to three to four cartons or trays of 24 bottles each per minute.

Download high-resolution brochures in PDF format:

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CasePak 5000

ShrinkPak™ 5000

Norland Int'l offers a series of Shrink Wrapping equipment including semiautomatic and automatic systems. Norland systems handle bottles, cans, cartons or jars in unsupported multi-packs, pad-supported multi-packs or tray-supported multi-packs.

All systems can produce handy "pack and carry" consumer packs or large-size distribution packs. The key benefits of using a Norland Shrink Wrapping System include:

Drastically reduces packaging costs. You can realize savings of up to 70% when wrapping products with sheet plastic rather than using corrugated cases. In addition, substantial savings can be gained in labor costs when utilizing Shrink Wrapping Systems.

  • Shrink wrap improves the marketability of a product at the retail level because the packages design and logo are visible through clear film. Your shrink wrapped bundle, with its marketing message easily visible, will enjoy prominence on the shelves of retailers, wholesalers, wholesale price clubs and warehouse clubs.
  • Shrink wrapped products can easily be identified through transparent film while stored at warehouse-style wholesalers, price clubs, etc.
  • Consumers can more easily handle a bundle (in warehouse club or discount store situations) and can more easily see the product inside the bundle versus corrugated cases.
  • The shrink wrapped packages are inherently tamper-evident and protected from dust and abrasions.
  • Space Savings - Corrugated takes up more valuable storage space. Poly rolls save up to 75% on storage space.

Shrink Wrapping equipment

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