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Oxo-Biodegradable Earth-Cap

Small Bottle Systems.

Small Bottles ? 8 oz ? 1 gallon / 240ml ? 5 liter

Looking for a single-serve bottle filling line with maximum flexibility for future expansion?
Norland?s SpectraPak? lines are turnkey small bottle systems designed to fit the needs of any start-up or mid-sized bottling plant. The SpectraPak systems give you the option of buying the full line at one time, or starting out with the components you need and add components as your business grows. Either way, SpectraPak systems will help make your bottling operation efficient and profitable.

Small Bottle Systems


SpectraPak 5000 produces up to 80 bottles per minute
SpectraPak 3000 produces up to 50 bottles per minute

Standard Line produces up to 50 bottles per minute

Intermediate Line produces up to 40 bottles per minute
Basic Line produces up to 25 bottles per minute
Entry Level produces up to 20 bottles per minute
BR3000 rinses up to 50 bottles per minute
BF5000 fills 25 to 30 bottles per minute
Bottle Unscramblers
The Liberty 150 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler from Norland International is the perfect labor-saving component to meet the demands of high-speed small bottling lines in a wide range of industries.
Liberty 150 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Liberty 150 Unscrambler
Flavored Vitamin Water System
The Norland Flavored Vitamin Water System is ideal for bottling plants looking to expand their current product line and promote a healthy flavored drink.

Flavored Vitamin Water System


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