Spring Water Treatment

The Spring Water Treatment System (SWPT) is designed uniquely for customers utilizing natural springs, wells and boreholes as their water source. The SWPT is a five-step system which removes particulates and eliminates contaminants commonly found in the ground. FEATURES: * Multimedia Filter removes particulates to 20 microns * Sand/Spin Filter removes particulates to 100 microns * Absolute Cartridge Filter removes particulates and cysts to 1 micron * UV system reduces and/or eliminates viruses and bacteria * DGD Filter removes particulates to 1 micron nominal * System mounted on 304 stainless steel frame with adjustable feet

Reverse Osmosis

Designed to produce low dissolved solids water from tap or well water, these systems use high efficiency reverse osmosis membranes. The product water is used in applications such as semiconductor, boiler feed, pharmaceutical, municipal, water reuse, food processing, bottling, and a wide variety of other applications.

Vapor Compression Distillers

Norland offers a variety of Vapor Compression Commercial Distillers, which produce up to 6,000 gallons (22,800L) per day of purified water, for use by bottled water plants, laboratories and other applications requiring clean water.

Ozone & UV Treatment

The system is designed to provide effective mixing and “Mass Transfer” of the ozone and product water prior to entering the filler. The stainless steel contact tank further increases the level of ozone in the product water by blending together, under pressure, the molecules of ozone to the molecules of water.

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