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Norland International is proud to provide the most reliable equipment, all designed and assembled in the USA. For nearly 30 years, Norland International has been the leading water equipment manufacturer. We merge our creative engineering expertise and quality materials to develop custom water equipment to fit your business needs and preferences.

At Norland International, we don’t just sell bottled water equipment. We provide our clients the opportunity for success by developing lasting partnerships. We're fully invested in your business's growth from the initial start up to your equipment’s ongoing maintenance. You can always count on us to provide the equipment, services, and expertise you need to succeed.

Each piece of our equipment, whether it is a Water Distiller, Labeler, Blow Molder, or Water Filling Machine, is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to help you achieve your goals and amplify the performance of your business.

Get in touch with Norland International and experience a refreshing approach to your water equipment.

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norland brand video

Norland International is proud to share the world premiere of our new brand video HERE! See how our Midwest values have shaped our company as the global leader for water bottle manufacturing and led us to where we are today.

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