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The Importance of Clean Drinking Water

Water is arguably the most basic and most important part of everyday life. Yet for billions of people around the world, clean, safe drinking water remains a dream. The disparity between the need and the availability of water creates a powerful opportunity for the entrepreneur able to serve those markets, and Norland’s equipment can help.afghanistan 010

The Need

The facts are staggering when you look at the need for clean, safe drinking water. Consider:

  • Nearly two billion people worldwide drink unsafe water (
  • More than five percent of all child deaths can be prevented with safe water and sanitation (

Each person on Earth requires at least 20 to 50 liters of clean, safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean. (National Academy of Sciences)

  • In many places of the world where water scarcity exists, it is not because of a physical lack of water, but because the people living there do not have the means or the money to access the water that is directly beneath them. (

afghanistan 078The Economic Impact

The need for clean, safe drinking water is not limited to health and sanitary necessities, but also includes a wider economic impact on a community.FB 1-13-15

Facts show when a community lacks clean water and sanitation, school attendance declines. When people no longer have to spend hours each day walking to get and bring home clean water, it boosts the local economy.

For example, according to, for every $1 dollar spent on providing local clean water, it generates $8 in the local economy.

Ready to help

Norland Intl. is ready to help local entrepreneurs around the world who want to step in and provide clean water to their communities.

Norland has almost 25 years of experience building bottled-water plants and installing them in almost every continent around the world (The one exception is Antarctica). Norland works with clients from sales to installation helping them realize their dreams of providing bottled-water.

Further, Norland provides every service customers need, from design to installation, and every piece of equipment, from blow molders to vapor compression distillers.

Drinking Water As A Healthy Option

norland bottled water

There have been several health benefits attributed to regularly drinking water: helping with weight loss, increasing energy levels and maintaining

Health benefits of drinking water include:

1)      Water helps maximize physical performance: be sure to drink plenty of water while exercising when exposed to high temperatures for prolonged periods of time. Dehydration can have a noticeable impact on your body when you lose as little as 2% of your body’s water weight. Athletes commonly lose up to 10% of their body’s water weight through sweat while working out. Common side effects of dehydration include:  dry, sticky mouth, sleepiness, dizziness or light headedness, and can result in reduced motivation and increased fatigue. So staying hydrated can help prolong your workout, increasing its effectiveness.

2)      Hydration affects energy levels and brain function.  Studies have shown that mild dehydration (1-3% loss of body weight, can impact your mood, concentration, increase anxiety and frequency of headaches.

3)      Drinking water may help alleviate various health issues, including kidney stones and constipation.

4)      Drinking water can help with weight loss studies have shown drinking water can increase your body feeling full, and boost your metabolic rate. Drinking 17 ounces of water was shown to increase metabolic activity by 25% for up to 1.5 hours. Additionally, drinking water before meals can make you feel fuller, thus reducing the amount you eat.

So the next time you are reaching for a refreshing beverage, bottled water is usually your healthiest option.

Water Brings Prosperity to Nigeria

Daren Waters

Daren Waters loved his recent trip to Nigeria, because he loves visiting the people, the country and the culture. He also enjoys helping entrepreneurs realize there is a profitable business to be made in bottled water.

Daren has been helping grow Nigeria’s economy for the last 20 years, spreading the word about Norland International’s expertise in the bottled water manufacturing industry.

“When I go to Nigeria, it’s so people recognize our presence in the country,” Daren said. “We have staff located in Lagos, whose sole job is to help our African customers maintain their Norland equipment. With Norland, you minimize your downtime and maximize your profitability.”

During his most recent trip in February, Daren toured all over the country, visiting cities such as: Lagos, Ikeja, Lekki, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Kaduna, meeting with 20 potential new customers and visiting old friends.

“During the visit I had multiple site visits with new factories, worked with contractors, electricians, members of the NAFDAC and even local banks to smooth out future business relationships between Nigerian entrepreneurs and Norland,” Daren said. “There is an increasing population in Nigeria and now is the time to invest in a growing market in the bottled/canned water business.”

One of the many new market opportunities Daren promoted was Norland’s new LinCan water canning system. Designed by American engineers at Norland headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, the LinCan line can fill up to 60 cans per minute with distilled, flavored or carbonated water, juices or sodas. Norland also offers all of the distillation and purification equipment necessary for any business to put the best tasting product in the can.

“There’s still a huge market opportunity,” Daren said, “as Nigeria imports more bottled water than it can currently produce.”

If you would like to arrange to meet Daren during his next visit to Nigeria or if you have any questions about purchasing Norland equipment, please email him at:

Siemer Family Doing Business “The Right Water” Way

Siemer Family

Lorne and Joan Siemers, along with their four kids, Emma, Grace, Owen and Liam, live in St. Paul, Alberta, Canada, the heart of oil country, with a strong agricultural base.  We are all born, raised, and live in the communities we now serve.

1)Why did you decide to get into the bottled-water business?

We had a desire to diversify.  When the opportunity to purchase an established water bottling and delivery business presented itself, we saw it as an exciting new proposition for our family to invest in, with growth potential.  On July 4, 2011, we became the new owners of that business.

We further expanded the business in May 2012 with the purchase of our closest competitor and merged the two companies together under the new name, “The Right Water Bottling Company.”

2)How did you find Norland and why did you decide to purchase from us?

When we got into the water business, the bottling process was still very hands on.  We felt there had to be a better way to bottle water that was more effective and efficient, while reducing the possibility of contamination.  So we started researching on-line and found Norland.  After contacting Chris McCormack and visiting the facilities at Norland, we knew that Norland was the best choice for us.  Norland designs, builds and tests all of its equipment on site.  There is a qualified person behind every step of the process, available to answer any questions or concerns, including technical support.  And even though Norland is over 1,400 miles away from us, we consider them a “local” company that we can easily deal with.

Siemer Store Front3)You mainly use the Triton 160. How is the machine working for you? How many bottles a year do you produce? How has Norland’s customer service helped you over the years?

We started using the Triton 160 in March 2012, and it has been a fantastic machine for us.  It has been a real work horse, simplistic in its use and maintenance.  It has increased our productivity, and alleviated our concerns regarding possible contamination issues, and has even received high praise from our health inspector. Norland stands behind its equipment, and staff are always available to answer any service questions or concerns we’ve had, including shipping out parts to us in a timely manner to keep us up and running with minimal down time, which is extremely important to us.

In the 2 ½ + years since we’ve been using the Triton 160, we’ve bottled over 430,000  3 and 5 gallon water bottles.

4)How do you use your equipment? (What size bottles do you produce? Do you add flavors or minerals to your water?)

We are involved mainly with the production and delivery of the 5 and 3 gallon water bottles.  We use the process of reverse osmosis with ozone to produce the purest drinking water.  As of this time, we do not add any flavors or minerals to our water, however, with the set up of our new facility, we’ve allowed for the future expansion into this area.

5)Tell us about your business. How many employees do you have? How big of a territory do you cover? How has your business grown since you’ve started? Any plans for future growth?  

We currently service a large area, delivering water bottles within a 125 mile radius to convenience stores, oilfield sites, schools, businesses and private residences, both rural and urban.  We started with one business, one truck, then bought out a competitor, added 4 more trucks, 2 smaller in town delivery vehicles and more employees. We have 3 employees and ourselves, and deliver approximately 3,000 – 3,500 bottles a week.  We are very hands-on owners, involved in the daily production, delivery runs and office administration. Our four kids, ages 12 to 8, put their time in too on a daily basis, making this a family oriented business.

Further expansion is underway with the renovation of a larger facility to accommodate our growing business.  This will include upgrading the Triton 160 to the Triton 450, which will enable us to keep up with the demand.  This will also reduce the need to hire more employees, as Alberta is currently experiencing a labour shortage.

In addition to the production of the 5 and 3 gallon water bottles, we are gearing up to produce 500 mL custom labeled water bottles.  Our goal is to market this product to businesses, organizations, schools and community groups.  Norland, of course, has supplied us with a complete SpectraPak 3000 bottling line.  This includes the blow molder, unscrambler, case pack and shrink wrap systems, and we are very excited to start producing our own small water bottles.

In addition to the production and delivery of water, we also produce party ice, which we supply to liquor stores, convenience stores, and lake resorts, with peak ice season from May to September.  This part of our business has also seen increased growth this past year, and we are currently looking to upgrade this process for next year to accommodate the growing demand.

We also have two self serve water dispensers for customers to use.

6)Any other thoughts you wish to share about your business, the importance of bottled water, or how Norland has worked with you to make your business a success?  

Norland has been absolutely fantastic to deal with.  Their staff is knowledgable, professional and a pleasure to deal with.  We’ve been to the Norland facility three times in the past three years, and each time they have been very welcoming, like old friends.  We are able to put a face to every name.  They also understand our desire to grow our business, and offer valuable advice to help us do just that.

Norland’s technicians also attend on site initially to properly set up the equipment and ensure it’s running to specifications, and provide training on all of the equipment.  We look forward to seeing the Norland team at our new facility to get us up and running.Siemer Wsrehouse

Patrick McFarland at Norland has also provided us with oxo-biodegradable caps, which has allowed both us and our customers the ability to minimize our impact on the environment, while still maintaining a competitive edge. This is especially beneficial to our customers in the oilfield industry, who have received a bad reputation with their “dirty oil.”

They’ve also given us contacts to suppliers for preforms, shrink wrap, and cardboard trays, which has been invaluable to us, especially since we are just starting out with the small bottling line.

We would highly recommend Norland International to anyone in the water bottling business, and will continue to do business with them in the years to come.

Meet the Canadian Bottling Company

Canadian Bottling Company logoNorland is happy to share another one of our customer’s success stories with you. Recently the Canadian Bottling Company garnered a favorable coverage from a Senegal news report. We would like to introduce Philippe Bélanger and his growing business, Canadian Bottling Company.

Philippe purchased his first bottling equipment from Norland in 2007. During the past few years, he has turned a simple semi-automatic 18.9 liter (5 gallon) bottle washer and filler into a fully operational bottling facility. The Canadian Bottling Company recently purchased one of Norland’s Spectrapak systems and now offers single serve bottles to go along with their already established delivery of the 18.9 liter bottles.  The results for Philippe and his company speak for themselves, as he is now becoming a force in the bottling industry.

Enjoy the article below. Hopefully soon we will be sharing your success story.

The hegemony of KIRÈNE in the mineral water market in Senegal could be hurt with the arrival of the Canadian Bottling Company brand in the small bottle market.

Bottles of CBC’s mineral water can already be found in hotels and restaurants around Dakar and along the Petite Cote region, as well as gas stations in Elton. But CBC’s real offensive on the mineral water market began on March 19 with the launch of a large advertising campaign. With prices similar of those applied by the leader Kirène, CBC is preparing to enter the home market with it’s AQUATERRA brand after being able to take a place in the   niche of the large bottle (10-19 liters).

“I have been interested in this market for more than 20 years,” said Philippe Bélanger, the executive director of CBC. “For the past two or three years, Kirene has been virtually alone on the local market, it is therefore normal that competitors emerge.”

For now, nothing to worried Kirene, that old 75% of the market.  As the population continues to grow, so will the demand for bottled water. The current market is estimated at 120 million liters per year, compared with eight million liters a year in the early 2000’s.

“The market growth in the last 15 years has made the price of mineral water more accessible and the share of imported water has become marginal,” said Alexandre Alcantara, executive director of Kirene.

CBC hopes their capacity of optimal production of 15 million, 1.5 liter bottles, per year will ensure the equivalent of 20 percent of the market and achieve a turnover of €6.8 million Euro (roughly $7.7 million U.S. dollars). And unlike Kirene, that showcases bottles of natural spring, CBC uses water supplied by the Sénégalaise des Eaux (SDE).

“Through reverse osmosis, a process of filtration, the precious liquid is stripped and then dressed, removing 97-99 percent of the particles present in the water,” Bélanger said. “It is then re-mineralized with calcium, magnesium, etc. It is pure water, pleasant to taste.”

Despite a higher production cost associated with the purification process, Bélanger said he believes AQUATERRA has the means to be competitive. “The big companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestle are selling purified water, because the transport of natural mineral water is expensive,” he said.


AQUATERRA is not this 45-year-old Quebecer’s first attempt on the water market. In 1997, with three partners, he founded BA EAU BAB, which quickly imposed itself in the 19L water market in Senegal. Five years later he created UMT Technologies, specializing in the treatment of water for industrial or medical use, before diversifying into the sector of bottled water.

Two different business units with two different markets that lead Philippe Bélanger to create CBC in 2013 to assure exclusively the bottling business that was operated before by UMT

When asked if AQUATERRA could successfully take on Kirene, Bélanger was optimistic: “The consumer like to have a choice,” he said.

Editor’s note: This story was first published on the online news site: Jeune Afrique, written by Mehdi Ba. It has been translated from French. It is reprinted here with permission from CBC executive director Philippe Bélanger.

Link to the original story.


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