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Norland’s Depalletizer Will Rock Your Canning World



Often, people will ask us, “Hey Norland International, we love your canning lines, but do you have anything that feeds the cans into our line faster, possibly while rinsing them first? Oh, and it’s got to look cool and have a cool name.”

To which we reply, “Why yes! We do have the Yellow Jacket™ Depalletizer … and it comes with a twist rinse!”assemble-shot

Besides looking cool and having a cool name, the Yellow Jacket™ has other awesome features such as an automatic slip sheet remover and no air requirements, so there is one less hose you have to worry about connecting.

You can also fit an entire pallet of cans into it at once, speeding up the canning process that much more.

And did we mention it’s made from stainless steel and military grade, MIL-8625 Anodized Aluminum, making it both light and durable? Because it is.

Customer responses

Customer reviews are king, so here are a few comments from Yellow Jacket™ owners.

“It’s a really great machine,” said Blue Blood Brewing co-owner Brian Podwinski. “It fits great in our brewery and saves a ton of man hours that would otherwise be twist-rinsespent feeding cans into the inlet conveyor. I’m glad we got it.”

Brandon Hintz of Curahee Brewing said his faith in A.B.E. equipment started with the Keg Commander keg washer, and blossomed into packaging equipment.

“We had good experience with the keg washer,” Hintz said, “and we were looking at getting a canning line and depalletizer. We were originally looking at a competitor, but we had good experience with A.B.E.’s equipment and the price was right, so we jumped on it.”

Talk is nice, but you want proof of a depal and canning line working harmoniously together. So check out this video Martin House Brewing originally posted on their Facebook page of their new system in action.

Details, Details, Details

Now that you want one, you probably have a ton of detail-oriented questions, “What are the electrical requirements? How big/tall is it?pusher Does it make the perfect latte?”

The answer to those first two questions, and many more, can be found on the product page of our website. The answer to the third question is “No,” but you can always ask our service techs to whip something up for you when they come out to do the install.

Big B’s Fabulous Juices Cans Juices

If freshness and stability are on your mind, consider canning your product. Cans eliminate light and oxygen, the two biggest assassins to freshness.


The video was originally posted on their Facebook page.

Take a Tour of Christopher’s Springs

Christopher’s Spring made a nice video of their bottled water plant, featuring the equipment made right here at Norland Intl., Inc.


This video was originally posted on their Facebook page.

A Revolution in Canning

The Lincan™ series has evolved to become faster, stronger and more reliable.

For years, Norland customers around the world have reaped the benefits of canning with LinCan™ technology. Thanks to a healthy caffeine addiction, Norland’s engineers kept pushing the boundaries of design and technology.servo seamer

The result: the Servo Seamer (patent pending) has a simple design with fewer parts than a traditional seamer. This means it has fewer parts to maintain and provides a faster, more consistent seam every time. It uses a custom-designed Norland algorithm that provides real-time advanced seam analysis, which automatically generates a report customers can review either on their LinCan™ screen or download to their computer or smartphone for review.

The upside to the real-time analysis is customers can be proactive on machine maintenance, rather than guessing or waiting for something to be replaced. It also means that issues are immediately flagged rather than compounding until the operator can see outward signs.

Finally, the Servo Seamer is IP-67 wash-down capable, like the rest of the LinCan™ line, meaning cleanup continues to be a breeze.

Sure the new Servo Seamer is one tough Hombre, but what does it mean for your beer? It means faster canning speeds (up to 65 cans per minute) and it means a more reliable, consistent seam to prevent D.O. pickup and provide a longer, more stable shelf-life.

Oh yeah, and the Servo Seamer is roughly comparable in price to the traditional model, so you get all of the enhanced benefits without an enhanced price tag. Getting more for less, that’s the American way, that’s the Norland way.

Note: The servo seamer is part of the LinCan canning line. For more information click here

Meet Roger Christensen

Roger Christensen joined the Norland International team in October of 1997 and has worked in the maintenance / mechanical field for over 40 years. He has worked on a wide variety of mechanical and electrical equipment and has extensive experience on Norland water treatment, bottling and packaging systems.

Roger inspecting equipment to make sure everything is functioning properly.
Roger inspecting equipment to make sure everything is functioning properly.

roger-cRoger is one of Norland’s Senior Technicians for all of Norland’s equipment but specializes in the water distillation area. His primary job responsibility at Norland is ensuring superior Customer Service and Satisfaction with a secondary responsibility in quality control. Roger has been the lead technician in commissioning water plants all over the world.  He has traveled to such interesting locations as Uzbekistan, Brunei and Albania to set up, install and train on Norland water treatment and bottling plants.  Roger regularly communicates with customers for equipment startup, maintenance, plant upgrades and operator training for plant start-ups or routine maintenance.

What Roger Does

On a daily basis, Roger provides assistance to customers over the telephone to maximize their equipment uptime. He also orders repair / maintenance parts. Roger is involved with the Quality Control Inspections for newly manufactured equipment to ensure that the equipment is built to the customer’s needs and is operating properly prior to shipment from Norland to the customer’s final destination.

Roger enjoys meeting and working with new and existing customers and the exposure to the different customs and ideas that other countries in the world embrace. He takes pride in providing customer service and ensuring that our customer’s needs are met or exceeded.  Roger maintains the highest quality and professionalism in our industry which is typical of the Norland staff and management. We routinely get comments from customers and visitors to Norland about his friendliness and desire to answer any and all questions they may have.

Who Roger Is

Born in Central City, Nebraska (just 80 miles west of Lincoln) in America’s heartland, Roger’s early years were spent on a family farm or in a small farming community. Roger met his wife, Opal, in the 3rd grade and they have been friends ever since. They now have three daughters and eight grandchildren. Impressively, Roger completed 25 years in the United States Navy Submarine Force in the Nuclear Power Engineering area. He has been assigned as an Instructor at a Nuclear Power Training Unit where he instructed young sailors in the operation, maintenance and repair of the Naval Nuclear Engineering systems. This past training greatly aids in his ability to train new personnel in the operation, maintenance and repair of all Norland equipment.

In his spare time Roger enjoys fishing and spending time with his extended family. His family vacations with all of the grandchildren are especially enjoyable. Roger also volunteers at Freedom Park in Omaha, Nebraska giving tours and working on the U.S.S. Marlin SST-1, a post WWII training submarine on display at the park. He is also involved with O.V.E.R. (Operation Veterans Encouraging Recovery), a program designed to provide housing for veterans in substance abuse treatment or coming out of the penal system.

Roger’s extensive experience and background in our industry is an excellent fit at Norland and for our customers.  We are fortunate to have him on our team. If you have the opportunity to talk with or meet Roger, we are confident that you will feel the same way.


Feel free to contact us via email or telephone and a representative will respond to your request.

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