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When people need bottled water in Grenada, they think of Glenelg Natural Spring Water.

“The original founder of Glenelg, Dr. Stanley Friday, had a spring on his property,” said James Benoit, Glenelg’s technical manager. “One year he had a visitor who told him he had a good source of water and should do something about it. After a year of planning, we got the water tested and started bottling it by hand. That first year we had four employees; today, we have 60.”

The demand for bottled water in Grenada, like the rest of the world, has grown rapidly over the years.

“When we started, people became very conscious about water quality,” Benoit said. “Everybody is looking for a better, healthier lifestyle and bottled water is one way they feel they can achieve that goal.”

Norland’s partnership with Glenelg dates back to the founding of the company. According to Benoit, it is a partnership that grown deeper over time.

“Our relationship with Norland International started in 1998 when we bought a small BM500 (blow molder),” Benoit said. “Over the years it kept running and running and running. I was also very impressed with your after sales service.”

Over the years, Glenelg has purchased machines from other companies, but when they looked at expanding their bottling operation, Benoit knew where he wanted to go.

“From my experience with Norland, looking at the reliability of your machines, looking at robustness of the machines, I thought it was better to stick with someone you have relationship with,” Benoit said. “There are other equipment manufacturers out there, but you have to be cautious about where the equipment comes from. You also have to consider the relationships you can build with the company; even your training and equipment manuals are easy to understand. Proximity was also an important factor for when we need replacement parts and training.”

“Over the years we have purchased equipment elsewhere, which is why I can say what I say about the equipment and why we chose to purchase the SpectraPak3000 line from Norland.”

A step above the competition

When Glenelg started bottling water back in 1998, they were the only local bottled water operation in the country.

“Grenada had imported bottled water at first,” Benoit said, “but for many years after Dr. Friday started Glenelg, we were the only company. Then in 2010, other local competitors started popping up.”

Being the first company gave Glenelg a natural marketing advantage, but product quality was just as important in order to stay ahead of the competition.

“We have to be in a position to give our customers what they want when they want it,” Benoit said. “With careful strategic planning, we have survived and continued to thrive and are now in a position to upgrade our facilities and meet the growing demand for our products.”

Eyes on the future

Even with their recent purchase of the SpectraPak3000, Benoit said Glenelg still has plenty of plans for the future.

“Bottled water is not where it’s going to stop,” he said. “We are looking at pursuing other lines, such as flavored water, vitamin enhanced water and so on. You always have to look to diversify your business, you cannot remain static.”

And Benoit said he trusts his partnership with Norland to help Glenelg achieve their goals.

“In Norland, I have met a company that has a family bond between its workers,” he said. “I noticed at Norland, everyone is detailed oriented, cooperative and has been friendly to me.”