andrew-gaghagenAndrew Gaghagen has an eye for detail, which serves him well in his current job as Quality Control Supervisor for Norland.

Andrew was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, and from an early age showed an interest in all things mechanical.

“I enjoyed tinkering with mechanical objects and building new ones,” Andrew said. “I loved building stuff from scratch, especially toys with moving parts.”

He even built a working catapult as a child.

“I went through a lot of tests with that, firing a lot of small objects,” Andrew said. “But that was in line with my interest in military history.

After graduating from high school, Andrew served in the Army for six years and worked as a forward observer for an artillery unit.

On the job training

“My military experience trained me to have a keen eye for detail,” Andrew said. “As a forward observer, details are literally a matter of life and death.”

After leaving the Army, Andrew went to work for a local Lincoln manufacturing company as a quality control supervisor, then moved on to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs where he worked in the outreach department, before coming to Norland.

“The first thing I noticed upon joining Norland is how nice everybody is and how enthusiastic they are about their jobs,” Andrew said. “Everyone is extremely knowledgeable in their fields and are proficient in producing top-quality products. Their expertise certainly makes my job that much easier.”

But the main purpose of Andrew’s job is to ensure the customer gets the product they ordered, in proper working condition and free of cosmetic defects.

“When the equipment arrives at their factory, the customer shouldn’t have any cause for concern,” Andrew said. “Norland Technicians should be able to set it up and get it running without any issues.”

A bit more about Andrew…

When not at work, Andrew enjoys kayaking, hiking and biking. He plans on hiking the Grand Canyon from rim to rim in the near future. He has plans to get married in May 2017 to his fiancée, Andrea.