When Norland states that we stand behind our equipment, we mean it. If you’re already a Norland customer, chances are you meet our service staff when they visited your facility to install your equipment, or you’ve talked on the phone as they’ve helped answer your questions. With this post, we’d like to help you meet the people that are responsible for servicing your machines.

Mike Glunz

Mike is the customer service manager and is the first point of contact when it comes to taking customer calls, or scheduling a visit to your facility for one of our service technicians. He has been with Norland for the last two years, and has implemented several new programs to improve and enhance on Norland’s outstanding customer service.

Dennis Kruse

Dennis is an outstanding service technician that has been with the company for several years. He has circumnavigated the globe numerous times visiting clients, installing equipment trouble shooting any number of issues that have occurred. It’s fair to say if something has happened to your machine, Dennis has seen it before and can quickly walk you through the problem.

Tobin Widick

Tobin is another outstanding service technician that has been with Norland for several years. His knowledge and enthusiasm for his work runs deep, so much so that customers have tried to hire him away! However, Tobin’s love for Norland and Nebraska keep bringing him back home so he can continue to help as needed.

Roger Christensen

Roger is one of the longest-tenured employees at Norland, quickly approaching 20 years of service with the company! Early in his career, he traveled far and wide installing equipment and suggesting improvements to Noralnd’s outstanding equipment. Today, he is based in our Lincoln, Nebraska facility and answers questions over the phone and serves as an invaluable resource of institutional knowledge.

Dan Ferguson

Dan is our resident expert on all things related to our blow molders. He disassembles, reassembles and tweaks the machines so our customers get the perfect bottles every time. If a part needs to be replaced, or if you simply have a question about your blow molder’s operation, Dan is your man.

Jared Henry

Jared is one of two outstanding Henry’s Norland is fortunate to have working for our company! While Jared is a service technician on the Norland side, his twin-brother Micah is an assembly technician for Norland’s sister-company, A.B.E. Both brothers have an affinity for machines and love getting up to their elbows in pipes, grease and whatever else it takes to get the job done.

Seth Carpenter

Seth has been a service technician for Norland for the last year and has already gotten plenty of travel time under his belt! He has traveled Africa, South America and even the Middle East servicing and installing equipment for customers. Young and energetic, Seth is always ready for Michael to send him out on his next assignment.

Matt Frisbie

Matt joined the Norland crew in 2016 and quickly worked his way up to being the lead technician on our distilling equipment. Matt’s technical, hands-on background and willingness to tackle new challenges has been a great asset as he builds the machines to meet our customer’s exacting demands!