Bottled water continues to be one of the best-selling beverages worldwide by volume, but you might be missing out on other growth opportunities.

Norland has long met your bottled water equipment needs, from pre-treatment through packaging, but did you know our equipment can also be used for other beverages.

Canning Line

Juices, cold brew coffees, sodas, beer, if you are looking to commercially sell a beverage, Norland has the equipment to package your product.

“People ask me all the time if we have beer equipment,” said Norland regional sales manager Daren Waters. “I confidently tell them not only do we have everything from brewhouses to canning lines, but we also have the engineering staff to customize the equipment to their needs, the technical staff to help them layout the equipment in their facility, and the installation crew to hook everything up once it arrives. Norland covers everything from A to Z.”

Even if you just want to produce and sell other beverages from coffee to juice, Norland can help you with that as well.


“Our gravity feed bottle fillers can put just about anything into your PET bottle,” said Norland salesman Todd Liberty. “If you would rather can or package in glass bottles, we have a solution for you. Do you need a high speed solution, whatever you’re looking for, we have the answer.”

Quality Engineering

Norland’s team of engineers design and test all of our equipment right in our Lincoln, Nebraska facility. They are constantly striving to improve and enhance Norland’s existing equipment, as well as peer into the future and design tomorrow’s products today.

Install Technicians

“We have a great rapport with our customers and we listen to what they have to say,” said engineering manager Michael Head. “That gives us insights into what they want, then we head to the drawing board to design it.”

Quality Construction

Everything is built or quality tested right here in Lincoln. Norland’s crew of highly skilled craftsman turn their years of experience in metal working, welding, machining and wiring into the

machines that have become famous around the world in the water industry. Today, they are expanding those skills to building additional machines for other beverages.

Committed to your success

Norland’s motto is, “Whatever it takes.” That means we set you up for success during the design and build stages of your equipment. It means our staff is here to assist you long after the point of sale. It means we will do whatever it takes for to give you top quality equipment at reasonable prices that we stand behind. Because when you succeed, Norland succeeds.