Often, people will ask us, “Hey Norland International, we love your canning lines, but do you have anything that feeds the cans into our line faster, possibly while rinsing them first? Oh, and it’s got to look cool and have a cool name.”

To which we reply, “Why yes! We do have the Yellow Jacket™ Depalletizer … and it comes with a twist rinse!”assemble-shot

Besides looking cool and having a cool name, the Yellow Jacket™ has other awesome features such as an automatic slip sheet remover and no air requirements, so there is one less hose you have to worry about connecting.

You can also fit an entire pallet of cans into it at once, speeding up the canning process that much more.

And did we mention it’s made from stainless steel and military grade, MIL-8625 Anodized Aluminum, making it both light and durable? Because it is.

Customer responses

Customer reviews are king, so here are a few comments from Yellow Jacket™ owners.

“It’s a really great machine,” said Blue Blood Brewing co-owner Brian Podwinski. “It fits great in our brewery and saves a ton of man hours that would otherwise be twist-rinsespent feeding cans into the inlet conveyor. I’m glad we got it.”

Brandon Hintz of Curahee Brewing said his faith in A.B.E. equipment started with the Keg Commander keg washer, and blossomed into packaging equipment.

“We had good experience with the keg washer,” Hintz said, “and we were looking at getting a canning line and depalletizer. We were originally looking at a competitor, but we had good experience with A.B.E.’s equipment and the price was right, so we jumped on it.”

Talk is nice, but you want proof of a depal and canning line working harmoniously together. So check out this video Martin House Brewing originally posted on their Facebook page of their new system in action.

Details, Details, Details

Now that you want one, you probably have a ton of detail-oriented questions, “What are the electrical requirements? How big/tall is it?pusher Does it make the perfect latte?”

The answer to those first two questions, and many more, can be found on the product page of our website. The answer to the third question is “No,” but you can always ask our service techs to whip something up for you when they come out to do the install.