• T5000 cap tightner

Cap Tightener 3000-5000


Bottles are held in place by a uniquely designed, cam driven anti-rotational method. The cam mechanism allows nonstop movement of the bottles during the capping process while eliminating back-spin which would otherwise result in inconsistently tightened caps. The rapid capping system is designed to repetitively provide the necessary torque to tighten each cap.  Once complete, the finished product will be transferred to bottle-out conveyor in preparation for labeling.

Operating Parameters

  • Maximum Capping Speed: 3000-5000/ Hour
  • Electrical: 208-240 Volts, Single Phase, 50/60Hz


Bottle Size

  • Bottle Diameter: 2.5-4”
  • Bottle Height: 7-13”
  • Flat Cap = 28 to 30 MM
  • Sports Closure = 28 MM IPEC