Color Label Printer

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Print Color Labels in Real Time – on the Factory Floor or in the Office:

  • Print labels in-line, as products are packaged, to custom-print a unique color label for each unique product.
  • Label graphics, text, barcodes, color codes (and any other label content) can change as labels are printed at any time.
  • Designed especially for use on a factory floor, but its quiet operation and compact size make it equally suitable for use on an office tabletop.

Private Label with the QLS-4100 Xe:

  • Allows manufacturers to print a different label for every product and every customer, on-demand.
  • Food manufacturers, chemical manufacturers, industrial tool manufacturers, promotional products makers and others often use the QLS-4100 Xe to mass-customize labels for private label customers, major retailers and distributors.
  • Let’s you add value to your product with low-cost, custom-printed labels.

Label Print Speed and Number of Labels per Hour:

  • Produces highly durable labels and will operate in demanding production environments for many years with only minimal maintenance.
  • Prints an average of over 3,000 labels an hour in CMYK color print mode at 300 dpi.
  • Generates over 7,000 labels an hour in spot color printing mode.

The Color Label Printer for System Integration:

  • Directly integrated with an automatic applicator to form a true color label printer-applicator system via its “applicator mode,” a standard feature of the QLS-4100 Xe.
  • QuickLabel’s native labeling software for the QLS-4100 Xe includes a module called QuickCommand™ that can receive data from your existing software, allowing you to interface with your software or enterprise system and print color labels to any site on your network.
  • Leading companies in the banking, electronics, frozen food, hardware, medical device, snack foods and tire manufacturing industries have successfully integrated the QLS-4100 Xe.