• Nitro-System Norland

Nitro-System™ Canning System


System Includes:

  • 7 head In-Line Inert Gas purge station
  • 7 head automatic filler
  • Lift-n-fill superior nozzle technology
  • No need for weighing your cans, with our in-line filling technology we eliminate the need, time and manpower for that perfect fill.
  • Quick change lid magazine
  • Lid pick-in-motion
  • Inert Gas pressurized lid chute with integrated anti-jamming automation
  • Dual Lid Detection / Rejection system
  • Automated Servo seamer with wash down IP67 servo motors
  • Automated can reject and real-time seam analysis system
  • External Can rinser
  • Air-blow can dryer
  • Main conveyor system with wash down motor
  • Complete stainless steel drip tray system with central drain
  • Superior PLC controls w/ oversized touchscreen display
  • iPad and iPhone access for remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control
  • Consistent ICP – Internal Can Pressure – from can-to-can
  • Extended “Inert Gas” tunnel to reduce dissolved Oxygen
  • OPTIONAL for WIDGET CANS => Post-seam inversion station to charge “widget” with Nitrogen
  • OPTIONAL for WIDGET CANS => Modified rinse station to clean inverted can


Features / Advantages:

  • Up to 35 cans/minute capacity based on 12oz volume
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Transparent enclosures around filler, seamer, rinser
  • Operator friendly 33″ conveyor height


What Makes Norland’s Servo-Seamer So Valuable?

  • Patent-pending Torque Monitor instantly inspects and assesses seam accuracy on every can.
  • Seams not meeting a pre-determined, measured specification are rejected, ensuring maximum quality and shelf stability.
  • Greatly reduces product loss, and shelf spoilage versus manual inspection.
  • Minimizes the need for tedious, manual, tool adjustments as many modifications are made on touchscreen.
  • Utilizing a state-of-the-art, 24 bit Encoder with Servo Positional Accuracy means, repeatable, precision seams within 0.15 degrees.
  • Custom developed algorithm allows for precise seam analysis, never seen before in this class of equipment.
  • Because of continuous data logging, maintenance can be done on a predictive not a reactive basis.
  • System diagnostics available for remote troubleshooting.