• ShrinkPak 5000



The Norland ShrinkPak5000™ System applies plastic wrap to packages of bottles and then conveys them through a heat tunnel where a controlled heat process securely shrinks the plastic.

ShrinkPak5000™ dramatically reduces costs—saving up to 70% of the cost of corrugated material.

Shrink wrap improves the marketability of a product at the retail level because the packages design and logo are visible through clear film. Your shrink wrapped bundle, with its marketing message easily visible, will enjoy prominence on the shelves of retailers, wholesalers, wholesale price clubs and warehouse clubs.

Consumers can more easily handle a bundle (in warehouse club or discount store situations) and can more easily see the product inside the bundle versus corrugated cases.

The shrink wrapped packages are inherently tamper-evident and protected from dust and abrasions.

Corrugated takes up more valuable storage space. Poly rolls save up to 75% on storage space.