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  • SpectraPak 1200
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The SpectraPak System will process up to 20 round bottles per minute to keep pace with your small-bottle needs. It has been designed to run multiple shifts with little operator expertise and is tremendously versatile. State-of-the-art design and modular components provide maximum performance and economy for filling 335ml up to 1 gallon (3.8 litre) bottles with water or other free-flowing liquids.

The SpectraPak System can be designed to operate in several different configurations. Systems are available to operate in a straight line manner, or in a right-angle manner to fit small, confined areas.

The various components are mounted to the side of a continuously moving conveyor. All components described are available separately also. Conveyor lengths range from 10’ (3 meters) to 30’ (9.1 meters) for straight line installations. A variety of conveyor lengths are also available for installations requiring a 90 degree turn or other configurations.

The conveyors are all constructed of type 304 polished stainless steel and long-wearing, easy-to-clean Acetal and feature high-quality, American-made drive motors. These systems are designed to last for many years while providing a maximum of reliability.



    • Fits the need of any start-up or mid-sized bottling plant
    • TT1200™ Table Top Labeler
    • BR3000™ Rinser
    • BF3000™ Filler
    • CC3000™ Cap Tightener
    • 20′ Conveyor
    • Large Bottle Adapter Kit is available which can fill up to 3.8L bottles


You asked, we listened!  Norland International has designed and fabricated a solution for the 1 gallon and 5 liter bottles that the market is in demand.  Affordably priced between $60k – $70k (depending on conveyors required), this compact line-up could be a big money maker for you. 

Equipment /Services / Features:

  • Main Drive Conveyor with Drip Pan.
  • Norland Model BF5000 filler specifically designed for 1 gallon and 5 liter containers.
  • Semi-automatic cap applicator for 38 mm Tamper Evident caps.
  • Automatic cap tightener with 38 mm Chuck and Insert.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • On-site “Start-up and Training” by a Norland company representative available.


Empty bottles are staged on the Main Drive Conveyor prior to entering the BF5000 Filler. Bottles enter the filler and are counted by optical sensors to ensure the correct numbers of bottles are in position.  Once in place, bottles are locked in position by the pneumatically-operated bottle clamping mechanism. This ensures bottles are located correctly under each filling head to minimize under or over-fills. The filling process begins as a series of stainless steel valves descend into the bottles for fast, accurate and consistent filling. BF5000 controls are located at an easy viewing height for quick monitoring. The LCD digital readout allows for quick assessment of the operation.

Bottles staged prior to entry into BF5000 Filler:

The filled bottles are then released from the bottle clamping mechanism and directed to the Semi-Automatic Cap Chute and the 1 Gallon Cap-tightener for processing.

The Semi-Auto Cap Chute allows an operator to mechanically cap the bottle while keeping the initial investment to a minimum. Although manually loaded into the chute, caps are automatically applied to the bottle as they pass under the cap applicator. 

Bottles being capped by the semi-Auto Cap Chute, and then securely tightened by the CC3000 Cap Tightner.

The final stage of cap application occurs in the CC3000 Cap Tightner. In this phase, applied caps are securely fastened to the bottle by way of In-Line Chuck Type Capper. This method of capping is proven technology for the bottling industry. Bottles are located under the capper and held in position until the spinning chuck head descends onto the cap. Once in position, the cap is twisted onto the bottle threads to a pre-set torque so as not to over tighten. After securely tightening, bottles are released from the CC3000 and are ready for market.

If you see the need for this size of container in your market, contact your Norland Sales Representative for a formal quote.  Norland manufactures its equipment in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA and we are very proud that this equipment is “Made in the USA”.



For more detailed information see the PDFs below.

SpectraPak 5000 SpectraPak 1200