• cap applicator

Waterfall Capper with Cap Elevator


The Capper is designed to be mounted on the filler conveyor, or it can be supplied with its own freestanding conveyor. The CA3000 is designed to cap up to 3000 / ½ liter bottles per hour (60 bottles per minute). The CA5000 is designed to cap up to 4500 / ½ liter bottles per hour (83 bottles per minute).The computerized controls are dependable and allow you to match the speed of the Capper to the conveyor speed. The optical sensors ensure smooth and trouble-free operation.


Bottle Size

  • Bottle Diameter
    Smallest = 2.5”
    Largest = 4.00”
  • Bottle Height
    Shortest = 7”Tallest = 13”



  • Sports Closure – 28 MM (IPEC, Creative Pkg., Portola)
  • Flat Cap – 30 MM (Creative Pkg., Owens)
  • Capping Speed – up to 83 per minute