Small Bottle Packaging


Once you have determined where your water is coming from, and how it should taste, it’s time to determine how to package it. Norland International offers water bottling equipment for single-use containers which are generally referred to as PET bottles, but there are also several other solutions available. Your sales team will work through possibilities based on your business model and market demands. An overlooked expense is often the cost of the bottles. Many successful bottled water businesses have invested in blowing their own plastic bottles with a Norland blow molder. On a high-level, these machines will take PET preforms (shaped like small test tubes) and blow them into a pre-designed mold using heat and air. The savings on shipping preforms versus ready-to-package bottles is well worth the investment to many mid-sized operators. Norland International offers solutions from completely automated equipment to more manual operations depending on your space and your budget. Norland International can also assist with your carbonated beverage packaging in plastic, aluminum, or glass bottles.