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Blow Molder

Norland offers a variety of small and large bottle blow molders and support equipment.

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Mold Chiller

Norland's Blow Mold Chillers are an important step in the blow-molding process!

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Blow Molder High Pressure Air Tank

The high pressure air tank ensures continuous operation of your blow molder by ensuring a steady supply of product air.

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Air Dryer Filter

The Norland Air Dryer Filter removes moisture from the blow molder, ensuring smoother operation and longer life of the machine.

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Air Compressor

Norland's air compressors provide a steady stream of air to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.

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Norland's Liberty 150™ bottle unscrambler sorts, and aligns up to 150 bottles per minute for precise and consistent delivery to your bottled water line.

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Triumph Rotary Series - Rinse, Cap, Fill

Norland's Triumph Rotary Series - Rinse, Cap & Fill. 

The multi-functional medium speed mono-block rotary filling system has proven to be a reliable and effective workhorse for the bottled water industry.

Speeds of up to 2000 bottles per hour (or more pending rotary size) can be achieved on this durable and dependable system, which includes 8 rinse valves, 8 fill heads and 4 cap head assemblies. (Speeds vary pending system, contact us to learn more)

The continual motion of a rotary filling line is what sets it apart from in-line systems and other lower speed alternatives.

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Waterfall Capper

Norland's Waterfall Capper contains a storage bin that can hold caps, convey them up to the cap applicator, and place them onto bottles at a rate of up to 5,000 caps per hour.

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Labeler-Date Coder


Norland's labeler and date coders seamlessly applies your labels and freshness date to every bottle.

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Ozone System

Norland Ozone Systems are complete frame mounted modules designed specifically for high quality bottled water operations and can produce enough ozone to treat up to 90 gallons per minute.

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Water Storage Tanks

Norland's water storage tanks come in a variety of sizes and is a sanitary way to hold product water to ensure a steady supply for your packaging operation.

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Water Treatment Systems

Norland builds your custom water treatment system based on your water analysis and bottling requirements.

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Large Bottle Equipment

Norland's Triton160™ and Triton450™ systems are ideally suited to meet your large bottling needs. Each system will rinse, fill and cap your 3 & 5 gallon bottles. For smaller operations, the BWF 60 is a manually-operated machine still built to exacting Norland standards, but at a fraction of the cost.

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ShrinkPak - Heat Tunnel

Norland's ShrinkPak™ will quickly and efficently wrap your bottles in plastic and then send it to the heat tunnel, where the plastic is shrunk and fitted to encircle your case. 

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