The Lincan™ series has evolved to become faster, stronger and more reliable.

For years, Norland customers around the world have reaped the benefits of canning with LinCan™ technology. Thanks to a healthy caffeine addiction, Norland’s engineers kept pushing the boundaries of design and technology.servo seamer

The result: the Servo Seamer (patent pending) has a simple design with fewer parts than a traditional seamer. This means it has fewer parts to maintain and provides a faster, more consistent seam every time. It uses a custom-designed Norland algorithm that provides real-time advanced seam analysis, which automatically generates a report customers can review either on their LinCan™ screen or download to their computer or smartphone for review.

The upside to the real-time analysis is customers can be proactive on machine maintenance, rather than guessing or waiting for something to be replaced. It also means that issues are immediately flagged rather than compounding until the operator can see outward signs.

Finally, the Servo Seamer is IP-67 wash-down capable, like the rest of the LinCan™ line, meaning cleanup continues to be a breeze.

Sure the new Servo Seamer is one tough Hombre, but what does it mean for your beer? It means faster canning speeds (up to 65 cans per minute) and it means a more reliable, consistent seam to prevent D.O. pickup and provide a longer, more stable shelf-life.

Oh yeah, and the Servo Seamer is roughly comparable in price to the traditional model, so you get all of the enhanced benefits without an enhanced price tag. Getting more for less, that’s the American way, that’s the Norland way.

Note: The servo seamer is part of the LinCan canning line. For more information click here