Water is arguably the most basic and most important part of everyday life. Yet for billions of people around the world, clean, safe drinking water remains a dream. The disparity between the need and the availability of water creates a powerful opportunity for the entrepreneur able to serve those markets, and Norland’s equipment can help.afghanistan 010

The Need

The facts are staggering when you look at the need for clean, safe drinking water. Consider:

  • Nearly two billion people worldwide drink unsafe water (actionagainsthunger.org)
  • More than five percent of all child deaths can be prevented with safe water and sanitation (actionagainsthunger.org)

Each person on Earth requires at least 20 to 50 liters of clean, safe water a day for drinking, cooking, and simply keeping themselves clean. (National Academy of Sciences)

  • In many places of the world where water scarcity exists, it is not because of a physical lack of water, but because the people living there do not have the means or the money to access the water that is directly beneath them. (Water4.org)

afghanistan 078The Economic Impact

The need for clean, safe drinking water is not limited to health and sanitary necessities, but also includes a wider economic impact on a community.FB 1-13-15

Facts show when a community lacks clean water and sanitation, school attendance declines. When people no longer have to spend hours each day walking to get and bring home clean water, it boosts the local economy.

For example, according to Water4.org, for every $1 dollar spent on providing local clean water, it generates $8 in the local economy.

Ready to help

Norland Intl. is ready to help local entrepreneurs around the world who want to step in and provide clean water to their communities.

Norland has almost 25 years of experience building bottled-water plants and installing them in almost every continent around the world (The one exception is Antarctica). Norland works with clients from sales to installation helping them realize their dreams of providing bottled-water.

Further, Norland provides every service customers need, from design to installation, and every piece of equipment, from blow molders to vapor compression distillers.