Daren Waters

Daren Waters loved his recent trip to Nigeria, because he loves visiting the people, the country and the culture. He also enjoys helping entrepreneurs realize there is a profitable business to be made in bottled water.

Daren has been helping grow Nigeria’s economy for the last 20 years, spreading the word about Norland International’s expertise in the bottled water manufacturing industry.

“When I go to Nigeria, it’s so people recognize our presence in the country,” Daren said. “We have staff located in Lagos, whose sole job is to help our African customers maintain their Norland equipment. With Norland, you minimize your downtime and maximize your profitability.”

During his most recent trip in February, Daren toured all over the country, visiting cities such as: Lagos, Ikeja, Lekki, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Kaduna, meeting with 20 potential new customers and visiting old friends.

“During the visit I had multiple site visits with new factories, worked with contractors, electricians, members of the NAFDAC and even local banks to smooth out future business relationships between Nigerian entrepreneurs and Norland,” Daren said. “There is an increasing population in Nigeria and now is the time to invest in a growing market in the bottled/canned water business.”

One of the many new market opportunities Daren promoted was Norland’s new LinCan water canning system. Designed by American engineers at Norland headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska, the LinCan line can fill up to 60 cans per minute with distilled, flavored or carbonated water, juices or sodas. Norland also offers all of the distillation and purification equipment necessary for any business to put the best tasting product in the can.

“There’s still a huge market opportunity,” Daren said, “as Nigeria imports more bottled water than it can currently produce.”

If you would like to arrange to meet Daren during his next visit to Nigeria or if you have any questions about purchasing Norland equipment, please email him at: dw@norlandusa.com.